Engaging with our Community

A large group of Year 11 students are currently attending a Kairos retreat program. This program is well known to thousands of boys who have passed through the College. It is a time of reflection on what God means in our lives and how we can best prepare for a future that is full of promise and leads to an enriching life. Kairos literally means, “In God’s Time”.

The Carmelites have long valued the concept of quiet reflection. Indeed, one of the key tenets of a Carmelite education revolves around contemplation; the ability to think deeply about our lives at a spiritual level. The fact that the boys have no access to any form of electronic gadgetry or phones indicates the intent of the experience. I know that the parents of these boys are looking forward to joining them this Friday evening in the Chapel.

With all major assessments and exams for semester one completed over two weeks ago we have moved smoothly into second semester where our senior boys began Unit 4 of VCE and the rest of the College rotated over to new topics and, in some cases, new subjects. The boys are to be commended on their attitude to the recent exams. We had very complimentary comments about a number of our year levels from supervising staff. Reports are due out this week and we do hope they are a fair and comprehensive response to the effort of the boys.

IMG_7948The recent Theatre Studies production of Sleepy Hollow was excellent. This student run effort was keenly acted with very strong lighting, set and technical expertise obvious to all. Congratulations to the cast and crew especially our Year 12 level who have been so prominent over the past few years with various productions and musical.

The St Baptist of Mantua Feast day was held last week. His literary works were in European schools for a century and a half after his death as a model of style and he was quoted by Shakespeare, Boswell, and Nashe. He made his religious profession in 1464 and served in many positions of responsibility in the community in addition to his literary work. Baptist performed a number of diplomatic missions for the Popes; he was Vicar General of the Carmelites six times and in 1513 he was elected Prior General of the whole Order. Mantua is a wonderful model to the boys and they certainly enjoyed both the liturgy and luncheon that followed.


We have extensive contact with a number of our feeder primary schools. We do so through performing arts, science, ICT, sport and literacy. Last week I was fortunate to be at St Anne’s in Park Orchards where I saw our Learning Leader of English, Mrs Fitzsimons, conduct a master class in children’s literature to the older students. It was both compelling and informative. Links such as this are important as they reinforce our place in the Community of the Eastern suburbs.

We have a number of brothers joining us in our 2017 Year 7 group. They, along with all incoming students, will be visited in their primary schools during third term. We look forward to the numerous induction activities that will take place over the next twelve months. Parents are now advised that as from next year the College will be enrolling students for a Year 7 start during their Year 5 year in primary school. The process begins next year where we will enrol Year 6 students for 2018 and Year 5 students for 2019. After that time, we will only be enrolling the Year 5 cohort each year. This is in line with the Archdiocese initiative.

I am pleased to advise that our building plans for the new Science and Technology building and the re-worked car parking are currently with Manningham Council. Updates will be given on the progress of that submission.

We remember in our prayers Margaret Crossan, the mother of staff member Mr Neal Crossan, and Valerie Bolton, grandmother of Seamus (Year12 ) and Finn (Year 9), who passed away recently. May the Lord welcome them into His keeping.

Almae In Fide Parentis


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