End of Semester 1

Dear Parents/Guardians, Families, Students and Staff

End of Semester 1
The end of Semester 1 is upon us. Your son, irrespective of year level, is likely to be experiencing many mixed emotions with regard to his learning program; such emotions all of which are normal and part of adolescent development. Teachers are now finalising the assessments in preparation of your son’s Semester 1 Report. When available, the Report will enable meaningful and constructive conversation between parent and child, celebrating achievements and progression, with reflection on goals and strategies for ongoing improvement in Semester 2.

Some areas for consideration could be: engagement in learning; responsibilities as a group member and/or group leader in learning; striving for success; reviewing and revising; planning; effective questioning; creativity; reflecting on the feedback received from the teacher; problem solving; genuine interest and passion for subject areas; acknowledging that some learning is difficult; learning about ‘how you learn best’; the effective use of study sessions and homework; reframing mistakes as opportunities for learning; ‘where can this learning take me’; how to access and accept more challenging tasks to push one’s ability further; collaboration and trust.

Celebrate success; accept strengths; and identify ways to work on areas of challenge.


Lord of all mercies,
We ask that you would bless all learners with Your infinite and loving mercy.
Grant them the strength and courage to learn, challenge and excel,
and relate well to their friends, other students and teachers.
We also pray that You would watch over them at home and at school
and grant them direction so that they may learn of Your wonderful virtues.

Almae In Fide Parentis

Start of Term 3 – Tuesday 17 July
A reminder that the next Staff Professional Learning Day is being held on Monday 16 July. No classes will be held on that day.

Special thanks to the staff and close associates of the College for the enormous effort in preparing for the recently held activities and for the events occurring over the next two-three weeks: Exams and Reports, Year 7 Concert, Year 8 Sketch-Fest, VCAL Work Experience, Year 9 City Experience, Year 10 Work Experience, Year 11 Kairos (2), ACC Year 10 Grand Final (Parade defeated Whitefriars), ACC Senior Football Grand Final 27 June (St Bernard’s v Whitefriars), Science and Engineering Competition at Deakin University and the Timor-Leste Immersion Trip (25 June – 6 July).

Best wishes to all members of the College community for the holiday period. Safe travelling. May ‘your team’ win !

Mr Anthony Kirley

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