Council of International Schools Presentation

During the course of the year, we have been fortunate to listen to a number of Carmelites who have been working with staff on Carmelite history, symbolism, charism and influence. This has been in the form of seminars on each of the House patrons, all of whom have lives that promote this ethos.

Fr Hugh Brown, Fr Ken Peterson, Fr Michael Brundell and Fr David Hofman have been generous with their time in running the eight workshops. Although each after school session is voluntary, the uptake from staff has been most encouraging as we all seek to learn more about our collective heritage.

The Father’s Day breakfast and College Trivia Evening were both community-minded events. Thank you to Fr Paul Sireh O.Carm., who spoke so passionately about his own experience with his dad and relayed a beautiful sense of reconciliation. The full gymnasium appreciated his message and were left to reflect positively on their role within their own family settings.

The Parents’ Association backed up from this event with an inclusive and fun trivia night. Our host, “Sister Sal” was in fine form. Special thanks to Irene Deady who was the driving force behind that evening.

Our of Lady of Mt Carmel Day (OLMC) celebrations take place this week. We pray for fine weather for our walkathon and the afternoon activities on Friday. Such days build a sense of connection and purpose and allow students and staff alike to gather in prayer at the start of the day and experience a sense of fun and entertainment through the various activities.

Our boys have had a multitude of ways to engage at school beyond the classroom. Over the past weeks, we have had the evening Rock Concerts, Health and Environment Week, a Photography competition, SRC week (including Lyp Sync competitions) and OLMC day. For some boys it requires just one such activity to develop a life-long passion in a particular field. Busy schools are places that offer such opportunity.

Mr Ray Davis from the Council of International Schools presented the Accreditation plaque to our College Captain last week during a whole school assembly. This marked the formal conclusion of a thorough process of verification of us as a quality school. We were pleased to have Mr Davis refer to the many commendations within the final report and now prepare for the next five years in working through further growth opportunities available to the College to become an even better school.

The building site has grown. New fencing is now up to isolate the works from our student population. This means that the South Wing classrooms closest to the Administration area are about to be demolished. The process is on track with an expected finish time of late March 2018.

Congratulations to all boys and staff who participated in the Relay for life event held at the Doncaster Athletics track last weekend. This event raises a considerable amount of money to enable further research on cancer cures to take place. The commitment of our community to this 24 hour event is another small way in which we can help others in our community who may be in need.

Well done to the many Year 11 students who took up the opportunity to learn more about leadership in our Whitefriars Leadership Program. The 76 students who attended the after school sessions completed their training at a two day retreat at Amberley. I have just come from the Chapel after listening to our ten candidates for College Captain and left feeling proud and secure in the knowledge that we have many fine boys who can fulfil those roles and may other leadership roles next year.

The interviews for Year 7 2019 are nearing completion. We have had a dual enrolment this year as the process changes to 18 months in advance with the interviewing of Year 5 students and their families. It was delightful to meet the many prospective families last weekend.

Congratulations to our ACC Senior Hockey team who won the ACC Championship. This is a team of both talent and commitment. In a similar way, well done to the many boys who competed at the ACC Cross Country event at Bundoora. This challenging event requires many hours of morning training.

Almae In Fide Parentis


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