Time to celebrate

I had the opportunity to visit the Year 7 students on their camps at Manyung in Mornington. It was the changeover day between the two House cohorts with one group finishing a series of beach activities and the other beginning their ropes courses, initiative exercises and group aquatics. There was clearly an air of happiness and goodwill throughout all of the above. Our boys returned with an expanded friendship group and a sense of accomplishment.

Whitefriars recently hosted a visiting group of Thai Principals. Our guests were from across Thailand and represented a significant number of schools and students. Some of these Principals led schools where the student population was in excess of 5000. In addition to listening to our student leaders speaking about the College, this group were most interested in our Information Technology and visited classrooms to that end. We received lovely feedback on our students and the nature of the welcome given by our community.

I have begun meeting with the Year 12 students through a series of morning teas. I am always interested to hear of their journey through Whitefriars, their suggestions for improvement and what aspirations they may have for the future. We are blessed to have such a well-mannered, polite and aspirational group of young men.

Congratulations to our swimming team who have retained the ACC Swimming Championship. Swimming can be quite a hidden sport as it is often not as obvious as those sports which take place on a field or hard court. Any observer on the night would have remarked on the enthusiastic support of team mates for one another and the pride that they exhibit in competing for the College. The gathering at the Blue Room afterwards was a great sign of the family nature of Whitefriars. Well done to all of our parents who have taxied these boys back and forth over many early mornings.

The House Mass and Dinners for Year 7 families have begun. We are experiencing a very high response rate for these evenings and it has been a pleasure to speak with so many of the boys in the presence of their families. The badge presentation also gives the students a chance to be formally welcomed into their house.

Almae In Fide Parentis

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