Our Lady of Mt Carmel Feast Day

We recently celebrated the International feast day of Our Lady Mt Carmel. This is a significant day in the life of the Carmelites and the many communities throughout the world who share the story, ethos and passion for the Carmelite way.

Carmelite communities are characterised by a clear sense of welcome. Time is given to contemplation through both prayer and practical service; there needs to be a sense of just action, not mere words. This year is the 500th anniversary of the birth of St Teresa of Avila, one of the most prominent Saints in the Catholic lexicon. She had many wonderful writings and sayings but the one that I find most simple and effective is given below:

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It speaks of being more willing to let things happen in God’s own time. This type of theme is used at our retreats with the boys. You will notice that the quote is contained within the banner of the Carmelite Centre of Melbourne, based at Middle Park. You may wish to look up their website to see the extensive and diverse range of offerings from that group.

I am delighted to announce that Joshu Faye-Chauhan (Year 12) reached the State final of the Plain English Speaking Awards. This is a significant achievement as he is only one of four from the hundreds who began. This final was held on Friday. Joshu is one of many boys at the College who have chosen to hone their public speaking skills through taking on the challenge of competition.

At the end of last term the Year 12 students celebrated with their Formal. Congratulations to them all on the manner in which they presented. It is always encouraging to have young men know how to have fun and enjoy themselves whilst being both polite and aware of others.

In September of this year we have a number of groups who will be undertaking overseas experiences. One of these will be the Timor-Leste boys and staff who will journey to Hera and Zumalai. We look forward to hearing of the boy’s experiences when they return. Whitefriars is committed to supporting the work of the Carmelites in this developing country and are delighted to acknowledge the growing number of ordinations that are now evident.

We ourselves are the beneficiaries of such work in now having Fr Angelinho with us on staff. Two staff members have recently returned from Timor where they were offering English, Theology and Computer training. We are about to send a container of goods across to Timor.

The College is currently preparing for a visitation from the Council of International Schools (CIS). Following our admission to membership we now move to the full accreditation phase which requires us to show we meet a stringent set of criteria in all areas of the College. We are also now in the process of looking at the next building phase for the College. It is our hope to begin building during 2016. I will be writing to all families shortly with a more fulsome description of both of the above areas.

We remember in our prayers the families of Matthew Spillman Year 10 and Andrea Sticca Year 7 who have both lost much loved Grandparents recently. May they rest in eternal peace.

Almae In Fide Parentis

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