Dear Parents

Second term is sometimes referred to as the ‘testing’ term as it culminates in end of term assessments for Year 7 and 8, formal examinations for Year 9-11 and the usual abundance of Unit 3 SACs for VCE students. This phrase is also used because the final weeks of term bring with them semester reports, a plethora of extracurricular activities across year levels and an inevitable tiredness amongst both students and staff. It is therefore no surprise to see that many schools experience challenges with the maintenance of student focus during this time. For these reasons I thank the staff for the manner in which the boys have been both organised and cared for pastorally.

As recognised at a recent whole school assembly, there have been many notable achievements during the term, including the many boys who have achieved outstanding results in and out of the classroom. Academic excellence, sporting achievements, musical performances, year level focus weeks, and the Indigenous Round event are but a few examples.

I would also like to emphasise the outstanding sense of volunteerism from the many staff and students who gave so generously of their time and effort as they engaged in the Indigenous Round and Event activities, Pat Cronin Foundation cross-country awareness and fundraising run, emotive Kairos retreats and physically challenging OLP camps. While enduring ‘All Shook Up’ Musical rehearsals continue to impress, this week’s Year 10 and 11 Indigenous Immersion, Year 9 City Project, Year 10 and VCAL Work Experience programs, ACC finals, Year 12 Tertiary days and the second Kairos retreat round out an otherwise quiet, final week of term!

Added to this has been an ongoing and genuine effort by teaching staff to engage the boys in their classrooms in a variety of ways. Essentially, we are always going to be judged on the quality of our day to day teaching.

As parents, please don’t underestimate your importance as vital partners in your son’s education. The influence you have on your son’s attitude to learning and the support you provide for his learning at home are essential. Your involvement in the life of the College is not only incredibly important, it is also a clear illustration of your commitment to supporting your son to learn, grow and thrive. 

Thank you for the part you have played in what has been a positive first semester.

Greg Stewart


Almae InFide Parentis

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