Primary Schools Experience Whitefriars

2015 0527 Primary School sports day (32)Whitefriars was buzzing on Wednesday 27 May when 190 Year 3 and 4 students bounced off charter buses for a Whitefriars Sports fest. They came from St Gregory The Great Primary in Doncaster and from St Francis Xavier in Montmorency after the Year 11 Whitefriars VET Sport and Recreation Students extended an invitation for a day of fun, fun and more fun! Our visitors came highly motivated for the challenges ahead and the Year 11 students who took charge of a range of Sport Clinics were a little nervous about the potential outcome of the day. Our survival was going to be based on good preparation, sticking to our strengths and having fun with it ourselves. This approach definitely paid off with students from all schools mingling so well both on and off the playing fields, the gyms, during the BBQ and the Senior Football match which took place after the activities.

Thank you must be extended to the students of St Gregory’s and St Francis for allowing our students to practice their coaching craft, and to the staff of the respective schools for supporting this activity. The debrief in class with the Sport and Recreation students the following day was as entertaining as the day itself. They recounted conversations they had had the previous day with the young students and analysed the highlights!

Mr Peter Rennie – VET Sport and Recreation

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