Physics excursion to Luna Park

Who says science is boring?! On Monday 4 March, both Year 12 Physics classes attended Luna Park to experience the forces and accelerations produced by different rides for themselves.

Area of Study 1 of Unit 3 Physics covers kinematics, which is the study of motion. This includes circular motion and the forces experienced when a body is pushed or pulled – as occurs on an amusement park ride.

Students were privileged to feel within themselves the interplay of centripetal and gravitational forces. This included being thrown up, down, sideways, and around – in vertical and horizontal planes, and all angles in between.

Dodgem cars are a case study in conservation of momentum, and students can create collisions in which momentum is passed from one body to another, straight on or at an angle.

Of course, the day wasn’t just for fun. Students also completed an eight-page booklet of questions on the day, which were peer-assessed in a subsequent class. The experience will also help students prepare for their second SAC, which will be based on a roller-coaster.

The study of physics is exciting and opens many doors for students. The VCE Physics course also covers nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, time and length dilation, and the generation and transmission of electricity.

If you are interested in learning more about VCE Physics, please speak with Mr Wood, Ms Wang or Ms Morrison.

Ms Catie Morrison

Learning Area – Science and Technologies