Parliamentary Convention 2023

Politics, parties and policies, all aspects that were discussed at the 2023 Parliamentary Convention hosted by Our Lady of Sion. The main component focused was revolved around the Voice to Parliament Referendum, in the duration of the discussion, guest speakers from a wide range of occupations participated and spoke about their contribution in local and state politics.

Students from Whitefriars, Kingswood College, Donvale Christian College and Our Lady of Sion were required to collaborate with one another and refer to the given prompt of Should a Treaty be a Priority over a Voice to Parliament”. Although there were numerous views, the speakers projected their expertise which assisted the students to get a more developed understanding regarding the topic. The final part of the day incorporated a friendly debate about the prompt above and the seating was arranged like Parliament house to enhance the political atmosphere. Liberal Member, Matthew Bach, led the exchange and outlined the rules as well as process so all the students felt like as though they were in the Legislative Council (The Upper House).

Overall, it was an amazing experience, and it was wonderful to see so many students interested in the same topic as myself. Hearing other people’s perspectives allowed all the students to become more educated and take everyone’s opinion into account before making a secured stance.

On behalf of my peers we would like to thank Our Lady of Sion College for hosting this convention, Ms Lauren Cape-Murphy for organising and allowing Whitefriars to be involved and Ms Catherine Spurritt for being our chaperone on the day. This was an outstanding experience and I advise that anyone who comes across this opportunity to take it!!

Gabe Bajan (Student)