Pancakes for the people

On Tuesday 13 February, the Year 12 VCE VM students celebrated Pancake Day.

The students split into groups of 3-4 and sourced their recipe. They planned their budget during class time, and went to Mitcham Coles as a class to buy their ingredients. Each group needed to demonstrate good communication and teamwork skills to be able to make as many pancakes as needed, and the students executed this very well.

The class used a variety of different recipes for a number of different pancakes types; fluffy pancakes, vegan pancakes, chocolate chip, sprinkles, etc. Eventually each group produced around 30 pancakes, most of which ended up going to teachers in surrounding buildings! The students also ate their groups’ pancakes and shared a few from other groups.

The class all agrees that this day was a great opportunity to make good food, work on team bonding and celebrate a fun day.

Declan Bardsley
Applied Learning Captain