Our Lady of the Pines Opening and Blessing

New school buildings and grounds redevelopment opening and blessing on Sunday 24 November

We are inviting all current and past parents, students, staff, parishioners and leaders to our Parish Mass on Sunday 24 November.  This Mass will be a celebration of our new school buildings and ground redevelopment as well as our 40 year Anniversary celebration of the opening of OLOP in 1978.  All students will be involved at the end of the Mass with a song as well as a presentation in the Church on our 40 years at OLOP. Following Mass there will be a sausage sizzle run by our Board and parents as well as a tour and explanations of our new and refurbished facilities.  We are inviting and asking all parishioners, families and students to attend.

Brendan Keeling, Principal

Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Primary School – Donvale


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