Our Values

The College supports every student to seek and achieve excellence in their learning, their relationships and their participation in the community. Students are invited to appreciate the Christan worldview and see the goodness of God in themselves, all others and the natural world. Our aim is to enable our young men to look beyond themselves with a moral compass and social conscience and to approach life with intelligence, inner strength and gentleness.

At Whitefriars College we value Faith. Shared faith expressed through contemplation, community and service.

At Whitefriars College we value Gentleness. The expression of gentleness as the intelligent way to express masculinity.

At Whitefriars College we value Excellence. Excellence and collaboration in learning, teaching and in all we do.

At Whitefriars College we value Respect. Positive, inclusive and respectful relationships across our community.

At Whitefriars College we value Justice. Action and advocacy for equity, justice and environmental stewardship through words and deeds.