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It is with a great sense of optimism and hope that I write to you as we commence another exciting year at Whitefriars. The challenges of 2020 have taught us a great deal about

For several reasons, it has always been an aspiration of mine to represent Whitefriars College as Captain. The chance to give back to such a supportive community, one that has

Whitefriars College was established as a Catholic Secondary School for boys by the Carmelite Order of Priests and Brothers in 1961. This was in response to local Catholic fa

Carmelites are members of a Catholic religious order founded in the Holy Land about 800 years ago, at the time of the Crusades. The Order is thought to have begun in 1190 A.D…

“For me Whitefriars encourages courage with consideration…courage to believe in the potential of who you can truly become – and considerate enough to know that what really matters is what you do with those gifts to help others in the College community in which you belong. For me, that’s the Carmelite spirit and it’s really cool.”

Mr Ben Crowe – Co-Founder, Unscriptd (Class of 1986)
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