Orientation from the eyes of our Year 7s

We asked some our Year 7s what they enjoyed most about our Year 7 Orientation program?

  • “I enjoyed that orientation program because you guys made me feel like this was home” Max
  • “My favourite highlights of the program would have to be camp and making all my friends” Harry
  • “I loved getting my computer” Ollie
  • “I love that we had camp so early in the year. It was a really good way to connect with my peers and make friends. I also enjoyed the computer presentations and the way they were delivered” Luka
  • “The scavenger hunt was my personal favourite. I did also like getting to know some of the other teachers.” Nicholas
  • “I really enjoyed the orientation lots and my favourite activity was the big scavenger hunt” Noah

We thank each and every one of our students, their parents and our staff for an incredible launch to 2022. It’s going to be a wonderful year.


Miss Samantha Riddle

Director – Middle Years