Nikita saves young girl’s life

Year 10 student, Nikita Hutchinson completed a first aid unit as part of his Sport and Recreation VET course which he undertook at Whitefriars. Three weeks later, while on a holiday in Bali with his family, he saw a distressed and confused father with his daughter lying beside a pool. Nikita ran to assist and upon seeing the young girl, realised she was not breathing. In an instant, he put into practice the CPR skills he had recently learnt and began compressions on the girl. To his surprise and the immeasurable relief of the father, she gained consciousness – without realising it at the time, he had saved her life.


At Whitefriars, our mission is to empower young men to live with integrity through experiences of community and prayer and through a sensitivity to justice. We must always remember to search for little heroes in our community and celebrate their achievements.

Mr Mick Lafferty, Deputy Principal – Students

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