National Tree Planting Day

Last Friday, students were encouraged to pause and take a look at a tree in their garden or within the grounds in honour of National Tree Planting Day. Trees provide us with oxygen, improve soil quality, capture carbon dioxide, help us save on our energy bills, capture rainwater, improve mental health, create jobs, increase business, provide habitats to fauna and just look fantastic!

The Sustainability and Environment Team appreciated the efforts of students and staff on last Friday’s National Tree Planting Day. Thank you Max and Tom for rallying the College Captains and staff to commit to this important annual event. Thank you to Mr Murphy, Mr Vujcich and Mr Lafferty for taking time out of their day to model sustainable action and support Max and Tom’s passion. Thank you to Mr Berryman for the footage and finally, a big thank you to Mr Firmin who was able to organise and instruct the planting activity.

The Sustainability and Environment Team, invites you to send a photo of your favourite tree or an interesting tree you have visited on travels. Has it been weird, huge, majestic, a great climbing tree or culturally significant or home to an exotic animal?

One of my favourite trees is Victoria’s largest tree, the Ada Tree in Warburton? Incredible and only up the road! When you can travel, it’s worth a visit.

Send your tree photos to