National Recycle Week

Happy National Recycle Week! The College is committed to recycling and since 2015 the College has increased it recycling from 97m2 to 217 m2/year. This is equivalent to 6,177 bins or 618 trailers of waste diverted from landfill. Sustainability Victoria’s landfill (buried waste) benchmark for secondary colleges is 0.30 m3 per student per year. Whitefriars College is currently 0.15m3 per student per year – under the benchmark. Whilst this is a great accomplishment, the College still needs to continue to think about ways to minimise waste. Families are encouraged to avoid single use plastics for snacks and lunches and use a container instead. Congratulations to Joshua V (10) who was the National Recycle Week Quiz Winner. Josh picked up metal straws and a KeepCup. Well done Joshua!

Are you ever confused about how to recycle soft plastics, cartons, pizza boxes, coffee cups or to rinse your recyclables or not? Answers to these common questions can be found at Planet Ark.