National Mathematics Summer School – Roger Luo

The National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS) is held annually over the summer break every year. This selective camp caters for Year 11 students from all over Australia. Roger Luo was lucky enough to have been invited to participate in this gifted program. Topics ranged from number theory through to chaos and topology. Below is a report from Roger about his experiences in this gifted and talented program which was restricted to 75 students nationally.

I enjoyed every course (and actually received the award of most discord messages sent). I am sure you have heard from past students attending NMSS, but we learned about Number theory and Algorithms. In Number theory, clock arithmetic’s and proving by axioms sparked my interest in studying and researching pure mathematics. We familiarised ourselves with the Euclidian

 Algorithm and it’s many uses (including magic tables and applying Euclidian algorithms backwards, known as dilcue). In algorithms, we learned the primary principles behind the making and designing of many different algorithms, this sparked my interests in computer science and the new mathematical area of computing algorithms (I particularly loved designing Turing Machines) – Roger Luo Year 11

Outside of the main course, Roger also got to meet many other students who also shared their interest and passion in Mathematics. I wish to congratulate Roger on this wonderful achievement and is due recognition for the work he has put into his mathematics over his time at the College.


Mr Ashley Payne

Learning Leader – Enrichment and Data