Mr Michael Sukkar visits Year 11 Politics students

A few weeks ago, the Year 11 Unit 1 and 2 Politics class was lucky enough to have the local member for Deakin, the Right Honourable Mr Michael Sukkar, visit for a conversation about politics. The talk started with one of the boys giving a short history about Mr Sukkar, which was followed by Mr Sukkar giving a more in-depth speech about his career in politics and what he stands for. Mr Sukkar opened the floor to questions gave detailed answers to the best of his ability. Questions surrounded character attacks on politicians, the power of the media and what ‘big name’ politicians are really like ‘behind closed doors’.

It was a great pleasure having Mr Sukkar come in. We would like to thank him for his time and we do hope that he comes back for next year’s Unit 1 and 2 Politics class.

Patrick Croke, Year 11

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