Middle Years Student Leadership Network Workshop

On Tuesday 2 May, 145 Middle Years student leaders from 11 schools came to Whitefriars to take part on a student leadership workshop run by our Director Middle Years, Ms Samantha Riddle. The purpose of the day was to provide young leaders the opportunity to connect with each other, learn from each other and foster a greater sense of the impact student leaders can have on their schools. The day commenced with a number of activities where students from different schools were able to interact and form some connection. The second part of the day was a presentation from keynote speaker, Georgia Stormont. Georgia has built up her own coaching business, empowering people and businesses to communicate more effectively with each other and their teams as well as empowering women to step up and ask for pay rises and promotions. She spoke about her 7 lessons of a leader:

  1. Leaders don’t wait
  2. Character counts
  3. Leaders have hearts in clouds and feet on the ground
  4. Shared values make a difference
  5. You can’t do it alone
  6. The legacy you leave is the legacy you live
  7. Leadership is everyone’s business.

The final part of the workshop involved students leaders working together in their school groups developing goals they would like to take back to their schools an implement. A huge thank you to all the schools for participating in this fantastic initiative and a special thanks to Miss Samantha Riddle for her excellent stewardship of this day and providing the most important people in our schools, the students, with an opportunity to flourish.

Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students