Middle Years SRC Dodgeball Competition

One of the many tasks of the Middle Years SRC is to organise and facilitate activities for the students in Years 7, 8 & 9. Following on from the huge success of last year’s inaugural House dodgeball competition, the students decided that this would be a popular activity, and they were correct. As part of the College’s Student Leadership Program, coordinated by Student Empowerment Leader, Mrs. Kelly Hoinville, the boys attended an after-school workshop where they broke down the event into all the relevant tasks. They then assigned each task to members of the team and worked out a timeline in which to complete all of these tasks leading up to the event. Weekly meetings were facilitated by Middle Years Captain, Joshua Lyons, to ensure the students kept on track with their tasks and make any required decisions.

We had over 80 students opting-in to the competition, who were split into 4 mixed year level teams. Each team won one game each in the heats, with Red and Green teams fighting it out in the Grand Final – which was held as part of Whitefriars Week. The victor was Green Team!

The wonderful young men of the Middle Years SRC gave up a lot of time to facilitate this fabulous event. Well done gentlemen!

Ms Sam Riddle

Director – Middle Years