Mental Health Bushwalk and Indigenous Picnic

A group of Year 8s enjoyed a bushwalk to the College wetlands on Monday. The Sustainability and Environment Team were promoting a chance for students to take a break out from the day to enjoy the unique Mullum Mullum Valley and mentally reboot. Once at the wetlands the group tried three different teas; manuka blend, kawakawa blend and lemon grass tea. The benefits of herbal teas are immense. Reduces stress, good for skin and circulation and anti-bacterial. The boys also enjoyed indigenous riberry jam and davidson’s plum jam on short breads. These jams pack a punch in flavour. The riberry jam is from the native Lilli Pilli plant and the unique flavour includes ginger, clove and cardamom. The Davidson’s Plum jam is from the fruit of a far north Queensland plum tree and the fruit has an acidic plum taste. To read or try these wonderful indigenous foods, visit The Sustainability and Environment Team have purchased a few indigenous bush tucker plants and will be planting these around the college throughout the term.

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