Meet Damien Hall, Science and Technologies Co-Captain

Greetings Whitefriars community, my name is Damien, and I am pleased to have been selected as your Science and Technology Co-Captain for 2022. Personally, I find science to be an immensely fascinating subject in and out of the classroom. It is especially relevant in contemporary pop-culture, with television shows like the Big Bang Theory and in films such as Star Wars and Interstellar. The science we observe in our everyday lives, from cooking in the kitchen, watching plants grow, the population dynamics of wild animals, and the various forms of transportation engage my interest. All of this complexity and our understanding of these systems enhance the world in which we live. It’s a combination of all these examples which has spurred me to apply for this role and contribute my time and effort into the Whitefriars community for Science and Technology. I am looking forward to working with you throughout next year.


Damien Hall

Science and Technology Co-Captain 2022