Manningham’s Lead to Sustain Conference

Last week, Whitefriars College participated in the annual Manningham City Council’s Lead to Sustain 2019 Conference. This was a unique opportunity for the Year 10 Introduction to Environmental Studies students to teach, learn and become part of the sustainability solution.

Upon reflection, the students commented:

“We taught primary students the benefits of solar power and the future of vehicles. It’s important because they are the future generation and we can’t continue to go down the road we are going down.”

“I enjoyed making the pots with my friends and also teaching the primary school kids all about sustainability.”

“I enjoyed being part of the sustainability conference this year as it was fun to educate younger students on the environment. I enjoyed helping the kids create solar cars. I would recommend this to future students as it is a fun resourceful way of educating younger students.”

“I enjoyed being in the outdoors and making the pots out of newspaper. I think primary school kids would have benefited because they were taught about the sustainability.”

“The Lead to Sustainability Conference was really enjoyable. It gave an insight as how to work with kids, and also teaching them how to be eco-friendly. Our task was to help build solar powered cars. These cars ran off energy light from the sun. Overall it was a great day with a great community.”

The students collaborated together to deliver two workshops, the solar car workshop to Grade 5 and 6 students and recycled pots workshop to the Grade 2 and 3 students. Thank you to Mrs Murphy for her ongoing support of the program and support on the day.

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