Managing Stress During Final Assessments

I remember my University Lecturer for my teaching degree many years ago emphasising ‘preparation and organisation’ as key ways to improve success in final assessments and examinations. She presented us with the following saying to remind us of its importance:

Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance.

The saying has stuck in my mind throughout my study and work.

As many of our Year 12 students know, I have been studying a course in literacy at ACU this year. In my study, I had to be well prepared to ensure I had time to clarify the questions, research information in books and journals, write the essay, and time to read over my assessment and make necessary improvements.

In speaking to Year 9, 10 and 11 students this week, most students are well into preparation for their final examinations. This preparation will allow students to gain confidence in knowing and applying information for the examination/assessment, ensuring they receive feedback from teachers, and manage their emotions leading into the examination period. The students who have begun revising will be calmer, methodical, and won’t be tired from trying to cram a semester or years work into the final days before the assessment. For Year 7 and 8 students undertaking final assessments, prior preparation too, will ease the stress and anxiety as well as provide opportunities for more thorough critical thinking, research and reflection.



The library is open after school with teaching staff available to support study habits and the understanding of content.

It is important to note that examinations are not the only indicator of success. As a student, one must strive for personal excellence and hopefully this is reflected in the achievement.

Mr Mark Ashmore, Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

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