Making Bruschetta! Year 7 and 8 Italian

Last week the Year 7s and 8s thoroughly enjoyed a different Italian lesson. They made Bruschetta, a typical Italian entrée or snack made with fresh ingredients; Perino cherry tomatoes, oregano, garlic, fresh basil on toasted crusty pane di casa bread. The students prepared for the experience by translating the recipe in the lesson prior and then anxiously looked forward to making the Bruschetta in the next lesson. They loved it!

I would particularly like to thank Maria Ciavarella for her support. Maria had everything prepared for the Italian language students to experience their ‘Bruschetta Masterchef’ class. It was a great opportunity for students to learn about Italian culture outside of the classroom. They were also able to put into action what they have learned and replicate this traditional dish for their families. Here are some reflections from the students.

Cooking Bruschetta was extremely fun. It was interesting to see what the ingredients are called in Italian. I was also surprised how yum it was. I loved how simple it was and the fact that it only took like 10 minutes is incredible. I loved the experience.

James Stephenson 7A1

I really loved the experience in the food tech room making bruschetta. It tasted delicious and after school on the bus I sent my mum a photo of it and she was so proud she sent it to one of our Italian friends. Next time I make it I am going to try many ways of making it like drizzling oil on the bread and adding some salt on top.

Levi Carr 7M2

We started off the day in the food tech lab. Ms Barca provided us with an example on how to make a perfect, simple and easy bruschetta. As always, the first thing to do before you start cooking is to put on an apron and wash your hands. After that we started to make our meals. The meal consisted of many components such as cherry tomatoes, herbs, salt, bread, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Once we finished cooking our meal we were delighted by the sweet taste of pure Italian delight.

Neil Malangi 8L5