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Manga Drawing Workshop with Kenny Chan

As part of Whitefriars Book Week celebrations at the end of term 3, Kenny Chan ran an illuminating workshop in which the student participants were completely enthralled by learning to draw the Japanese Manga comic form.  Kenny has worked as an artist and animator in comics, video games and movies.  From faces and the various parts of the face to convey different emotions to hair, hands, feet and the rest, Kenny demonstrated and talked through the techniques whilst the students were enthusiastically drawing along with him.

The students gave wonderful feedback about their experience and learnings in the workshop:

“It was great all of us having paper and being able to draw and take notes as he drew on the board and talked”

“He explained how to draw every part of the body not just face”

“Don’t add detail for the sake of adding detail”

“Drawing eyes and the general structure of characters’ hairstyles”

“He did a good job of keeping it simple but explaining it thoroughly so that everyone can follow along”





Reading Millions 2022

A highlight of our Book Week was the celebration of our readers’ achievements in our annual Read a Million Words House Reading Challenge.

Congratulations to those who participated and collectively read 52, 640,482 million words.

A special mention to our readers who were winners and placegetters:

  • Overall House awards (both overall students and students/staff) – Avila House
  • Overall Student winner – Jonathan Clark, Year 10
  • Year 7 House Group with the most words read: 7 Soreth
  • Year 12: Callum White
  • Year 11: James Di Nicolantonio
  • Year 10: James Palumbo
  • Year 9: Oliver Mair
  • Year 8: Aidan Southgate
  • Year 7: Angus McKendry

Students who read over 1 million:

Luka Ivanusic; Angus McKendry; Aidan Southgate; Hayden Stephens; Jayden Yu; Jonathan Clark, James Palumbo

Special mention and thanks to:

Louis Sibul for creating a logo

Luka Ivanusic for creating a logo and writing the most book reviews for the Shortis Library Blog.

Want to know more: Read a Million and 2022 results


Reading is….Dreaming with Eyes Open*

Adopting the CBCA’s 2022 Book Week theme of Dreaming with Eyes Open the students participated in a range of activities during the week. Wider reading sessions and Chill & Read focussed on books about connecting to yourself and embracing who you are.  Lego Club members embodied ‘Dreams for themselves, Dreams for the Whitefriars Community or Dreams for the World’ in their creations, as did the students who added their dreams on a feather to the library wings display. With thanks to Carter P in Year 11 for the drawing the wing structure.


Ms Jenny Corbin, Learning Leader – Library

*Children’s Book Council of Australia’s (CBCA) 2022 Book Week Theme