Letter from the Principal – College 2022

Dear members of the Whitefriars College family

On behalf of the Carmelites and all in the Whitefriars community I would like to welcome you to another new, exciting and hope filled year at our great school. I would especially like to welcome those of you who are new to our community, particularly our new Year 7 students and their families, along with students and families new to other year levels. I pray that your time at our College will be filled with joy and opportunity.

When I wrote to you this time last year, I spoke with optimism that the difficulties of the previous year were behind us. Obviously, I was a little premature in my comments at that time! As we enter 2022, we will face some new challenges and new realities. However, I remain hope filled and optimistic. I am so, because I am blessed to be part of a community who have demonstrated time and time again an ability to adapt to changing conditions, to be patient, to be understanding and to demonstrate kindness, generosity and respect for each other. This is the Whitefriars way and I am confident that whatever unexpected obstacles we face we will overcome them together, motivated by a firm desire to support the young men in our care.

I wish to celebrate the wonderful achievements of the class of 2021. This group of fine young men attained some of the best results seen by Whitefriars in the last 10 years. The accomplishments of both our VCAL and VCE students should give us all confidence and inspire us to believe that through hard work and a little grit and determination anything is possible. These results are also a testament to all staff and parents who have walked with these young men throughout their time at Whitefriars. Below is a snapshot of the overall results of the class of 2021.

Median Study Score: 31 Study Scores Above 40: 9.22%
Average ATAR: 73.56 28 students achieved an ATAR above 90.00

College Dux: Roger Luo – ATAR 99.45
50 (perfect score): Ben Ostermeyer – Psychology and Roger Luo – Mathematical Methods.

This year at Whitefriars we will be engaging in a range of important initiatives which will continue to support the future growth and development of our College as a vibrant and innovative learning community. A focus for staff professional learning will be the implementation of effective literacy strategies across the curriculum. We will continue to embed the Resilience Project as an evidence-based social emotional learning program. The building of our new Fitness Centre and Multipurpose Courts are well underway and set for completion later in the year. We are also embarking on a comprehensive master planning process as well as a review of the provision of our College canteen services. Due to staffing changes the College will be providing a breakfast service only until further notice. The College’s Second-Hand Uniform Shop will also be open every Tuesday from the commencement of Term One.

Over the past two years our College has worked with diligence and great care to ensure all in our community have been kept safe through our COVID-safe protocols.

Commencing a new year can be an exciting and enriching experience as well as a daunting one, particularly for those new to the College. The staff of Whitefriars are acutely aware of this and will do all that they can to ensure a smooth and supportive start for all our students. I believe that there is nothing more reassuring for young men than clarity. Having a clear knowledge and understanding of the expectations of the College provides both comfort and confidence as they commence the year, particularly with regards to rights, responsibilities and positive relationships. I look forward to meeting you throughout this year and walking with you as together we support your son to grow to become a fine gentle man of Whitefriars.

Yours sincerely
Mark Murphy