Learning is about Growth

At Whitefriars College we encourage all learners use resources and develop their talents to achieve personal excellence. To fully utilise one’s talents each student must reflect upon their learning and then use mistakes to further improve and grow. Consider a time in your learning when it didn’t go to plan and the desired result was not achieved. How did it feel? How did you learn from the mistake? Did you find an alternate solution? Did you do further research or ask questions to find out information so that you could learn to execute the skill or understand the knowledge?

Successful learners are always looking to improve or grow. This positive mindset is influential on academic achievement.

Last In Fide edition Mr. Trent Collins, Director – Middle Years, celebrated the Top 25 students in each year level (Year 7-11). These are students who applied themselves in their studies and achieved excellent academic achievement by demonstrating critical thinking, reflection and problem solving.

Importantly, this In Fide edition we recognise the students who have shown outstanding growth in their studies from the previous semester (Semester 2 2019 to Semester 1 2020). These students have reflected upon their learning, asked questions of themselves and about their learning, increased their work ethic and improved study habits (introduced effective homework strategies, notetaking, use of the library during and after school, asking questions).

Congratulations to the top 25 students in each year level for growth in their learning (note: Year 7 2020 is  not included due to no 2019 data):

Year 8

Isaac Lawrenson B3
Ned North-Coombes E4
Joshua Ascar A3
Jacob Tymms B4
Lachlan Hook T5
Zachary Devers C2
Edward Kelly M1
David Clonan C7
Justin Shek M4
Bailey Wallace A4
Zainalabdeen Basam E4
Oliver Marelas T1
Harrison Mercieca E2
Henry Ferns B3
Alexander Rendina B1
Matthew Deane A1
Lukas Mallios C7
Joshua Smillie B3
James Walsh S2
Samuel Lochner L7
Charles Rumble T4
Benjamin Searle S3
Angus Eckermann A5
Eric Rechichi A2
Ryan O’Neil – Parker A3


Year 9

Logan Hanson E2
Adam Harrison A2
Sasha Iannazzone S1
Tige Ridley C7
Patrick Keehne C4
Marcus Santilli E2
Tristan Devers S2
Sam Evans B3
Ethan Downie E6
John Tan C3
Alexander Rehfisch T7
Noah Bourke L7
Jack Sugden M5
Carter Prokop B2
Sanjeev Bajwa S2
Matthew Botha E2
Tong Minh Vu A3
Will Jackson C5
Angus Clayton T1
Amin Khatibi-Yekta L4
Daniel Crain L2
John Papadopoulos S4
Kaspar-Peter Nickel A6
Samuel Wensor S5
Samuel Coxhead C3

 Year 10

Liam Gooden E3
Anton Pozzuto T5
Joshua Cayzer A4
Luke Verhoeven L7
Jack Harrington S1
William Moran E5
Marco Marcucci T1
Declan Murphy M3
Liam Keenan C2
Harrison Serong B4
Christopher Stojnic A7
James Macaluso L4
Corey Rennison M5
Lachlan Burns B6
Noah Fenwick T5
Flynn Cookes L3
Joshua Paton B2
Tadiwa Maramba M7
Jamie Dittmann T3
Louis Sibul A2
Declan Ryan M1
Christopher Butterworth A6
Isaac Tymms B6
William Baker B7
Jordan Louloudakis T6


Year 11

Andrew Fernando C2
Edward Phillips S6
Patrick Zwarts L3
Darcy Fenech M5
Harrison Pex L3
Patrick Reis A5
Declan O’Connor A6
Thomas Rumble T7
Benjamin Phillips C5
Jack Jenkins B7
Angus Bunker-Smith C7
Wing Cheung Hui A2
Chu Fan Luo L2
Joseph Blaser L7
John Piera L6
Charles Catlin M6
Angus Ballantyne S1
Maxwell Hartnett S1
Benjamin Burton-Smith A5
Damian Brandsma B1
Ka Kin Ma A7
Harry Fisher T7
Edward Levi M1
Zhifeng Chen T7
Spencer Larsen T6

 Year 12

Luke Pirzas B6
Julian Astuto C2
Xander Tassell B3
Kai Dickson E5
Charlie Stute E4
Luke Corda A7
Benjamin Perera T3
Benjamin Bugeja M7
Sebastian Salamone E1
Lachlan Fox T2
Marco Mazziotta T7
Eliot Ciardulli B6
Lane King L5
Kane Wallace A5
Nicholas Kunz M3
Jon Escobar S6
Liam Conole C3
Jonathon Ghaly C1
Kyle Donohue C1
Marcus Mohr E3
Matthew Scutella B2
Jackson Archer S2
Cameron Dennis M4
Emery Schulz S3
Thomas Butler T6


Mr Mark Ashmore

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching