Sports Development Program

There is a strong sporting culture at Whitefriars College and a comprehensive sporting program to reflect this.

Whitefriars College is a member of the Associated Catholic Colleges (ACC) and competes in a variety of sporting competitions, where excellence is valued and all are challenged to achieve their best. As a College, we firmly believe that a student’s participation in sport whilst at the College assists them in developing skills for lifelong learning.

The Whitefriars Sports Development Program provides opportunities to students for spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth through collaboration that fosters positive and supportive relationships. It aims to empower young men to live with integrity through experiences, to be resilient, make decisions and take actions to promote their own health and physical activity.

Students involved in the Whitefriars Sports Development Program will have access to expert coaching, elite sporting facilities and fixtured interschool sporting competitions. The program has been designed, and timetabled, so that students train, compete and grow during school hours, allowing students the opportunity to remain involved in community-based competitions.

Below is a comprehensive list of weekly fixtured sports offered in our Whitefriars Sports Development Program throughout the year.

Football  –  Basketball  –  Cricket  –  Soccer  –  Hockey  –  Volleyball  –   Tennis Table  –  Tennis  –  Recreational Sport

In addition, the boys are encouraged to compete in Championship events after participating in House carnivals.

Athletics   –  Golf  –  Swimming  –  Badminton  –  Cross Country  –  Lawn Bowls

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“Whitefriars was a great school for me, upon completed my studies I looked back and realised I really was given every opportunity to become what I wanted to be. I remember struggling through some subjects but I knew my teachers honestly believed that I could improve and were supportive in making it happen.

I was encouraged to participate in my sports as well and was provided with a whole range of options to find out what worked for me, what I was good at and where I belonged. I look back now with pride and respect and hope that all boys at Whitefriars embrace what is offered and what is available, so that they too can make something of themselves and be proud of their effort and achievements.”

Mr David Morris – Australian Aerial Skier, Olympic Silver Medallist (Class of 2002)
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