Leading Learning Together

When teachers and students work together as partners in learning, they can achieve great outcomes. Part of my vision for learning here at Whitefriars College sees us harnessing student voice and increasing student participation in decision making. Our College exists for our students, and so it is important that they have meaningful opportunities to contribute to the school improvement agenda.

The College’s Learning Team is a committee of staff responsible for leading learning across the College: our Learning Leaders, Director – Professional Learning and Innovation, Director – Middle Years, Director – Senior Years and the Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching. This group is charged with the responsibility for evaluating the effectiveness of current programs and practice, and for designing and implementing initiatives that respond to student needs. We’ve welcomed many new staff to the Learning Team in 2022, which has enabled us to establish new ways of working together as we seek to focus in on the joyful work of leading learning and evaluating our impact.

One innovation this year is student representation at Learning Team meetings. In recent weeks, the Year 12 Academic Captains have enthusiastically accepted invitations to join the Learning Team as respected equals. They have shared insights as to the experiences of the student body during COVID-times and provided suggestions as to how teachers might best respond to the needs of students in classrooms this year. They have engaged in respectful dialogue on matters relating to policy, assessment and feedback. They have graciously challenged us to questions our existing practices and seek out ways to foster curiosity and deep engagement in the classroom. These young people are great ambassadors for the College and strong advocates for their peers.

I am looking forward to the continuing contribution of the College’s Academic Captains to our Learning and Teaching agenda this year, and I thank them for their servant leadership.


Mrs Catherine Spurritt

Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching