Leading Learning – Student Perspectives (2)

Our Senior Years students continue to be role models for our younger students regarding learning.

Record numbers of students are gathering in the Academic Study Centre and the Library after school with the focus on study. Students are collaborating to gain understanding or are working independently to further exploration of questions or topics learnt in class, complete ongoing assessment or class tasks, prepare for assessments or classes in following days. The consolidation of work and planning for classes and assessments is evident.

Our senior students and Old Collegians have begun the Elias Tutoring Program sessions. Students being tutored have enjoyed the initial session and feel that it has already been beneficial to their learning. Further details regarding the Elias Tutoring Program can be obtained by contacting our Student Activities Coordinator, Kelly Hoinville

Mathematics Week, led by the Mathematics Captain, Benjamin Costello, Mathematics Learning Leader Sam Riddle and the Mathematics teachers provided entertainment and challenge for students and staff. My attempts to overcome students in the Tetris challenges was short lived!

In this second article, I introduce our remaining Academic Captains for 2021. I wish them all the best in their leadership roles.


Name Leadership Role What would you like to achieve in your role in 2021? What strategies are you going to use to create a learning culture in the learning area or school?

Alexander Dodds

Languages Captain I would like to get more people to continue doing a language next year. Always try and help others if anyone is struggling

Hugh Steer

Commerce Captain I would like to be a strong figure my peers can look to, and someone that can be there for others I will always seek to help others when I can see they are struggling, and try to lead classes in and around the school

Marcus Florio

Humanities Captain I would like to be a good role model for the younger students as well as getting people involved with Humanities Organising events surrounding my captaincy role to get people involved.

Hayden Menzies

Chess Captain I would like to promote chess in general while working with Ms. Powling and Mr. Payne to organize tournaments including an interschool one. I would also like to help give students a voice and to pass on any ideas they have. Setting a good example of studying and working hard

Harry Rooney


Tech Production Captain To bring more awareness to not only my role but to what it involves and how other younger students can get involved. Allowing for students to come try out everything to do with the technical side of a production as it is a very practical learning area and allowing boys to try it out and have fun doing it will create a positive and inclusive learning culture.

Domenico Lepore

English Captain I would like to be involved as much as possible in bringing more into the English cohort. At the moment, I am currently partaking in the debating competition and are acting as the spokesperson for various English activities, but I ultimately want to enrich the activities involved with the English faculty to give it more of a presence in the school. This includes establishing new activities that involve all year levels, such as the junior years; perhaps providing that interest in English at a younger age may encourage them to continue that path in the future. Foremost, I will be balancing my schoolwork with my captaincy commitments so I can thoroughly work on both areas. From there, I will keep in close contact with the head of English and other related staff to keep ideas going. By keeping organised and actually putting forth the initiative, I can successfully enrich the learning culture of English extracurricular activities.

Benjamin Costello

Mathematics Captain I would like to give back to the school and set an example for the younger year levels. I role model good learning habits and encourage students to do their best and get the best possible result.

Miguel Trujillo


Music Captain To encourage a greater involvement in students in the WFC music program. Encouraging achievers and supporting students who make effort, making opportunities for students to have input and feel involved in their learning as well as creating more chances for students to apply their learning.


Mr Mark Ashmore

Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning