Leading Learning – Student Perspectives

Earlier in the week, I had an amazing experience discussing learning at Whitefriars with our College Academic Captains. In sharing a meal, dialogue flowed as to how our student leaders see their place in the College in leading and developing a learning culture for students in Years 7 to 12. We are blessed to have such wonderful and articulate men in our community who are passionate about learning, their subjects, and serving others. Mr Murphy, Mr Lafferty, Mr Clifford and I were all buoyed by the hope, optimism and enthusiasm of each of our student leaders.

Each leader spoke eloquently about their understanding of the Academic Captain role – to be a role model for all students, promote the academic learning area, encourage students to achieve their best, and to have discussions with boys to open their mind to the different opportunities and pathways. At the same time, they also articulated the notion that they too had to progress themselves with their academic pursuits.

Collectively, the boys spoke of how they were each going to promote global leadership, intercultural understanding and learning. Each captain spoke of the myriad of activities, learning area weeks, clubs, performances, and competitions that they are involved in leading across the College. Likewise, they too understand the importance of their role at Open Day, Activities Week, subject selection and morning tours as a vehicle to promote their learning area.

I congratulate our Academic Captains for 2021 and wish them well in their studies and in serving others in our community: Over the next three In Fide’s, I will introduce each of our Academic Captains.

Mr Mark Ashmore

Deputy Principal


Student Leadership Role What would you like to achieve in your role in 2021? What strategies are you going to use to create a learning culture in the learning area or school?

Simon Kruyer


Drama Captain


To inspire more students to get involved in the drama learning area. If there is a performance coming up, some actors could preview a scene from the play at a lunchtime on the canteen decking and students can watch, if they like what they see they can come watch the full play. if they enjoy the play, they might want to participate in plays thus increasing student interest.

Callum Tham

Music Captain Bring a greater focus to music at our school.
Foster budding musicians of every genre.
Provide greater flexibility for the types music that students wish to play.
Introduce a Digital Music Production club.
Attend and assist at junior rock workshop.

Look for students who enjoy playing music and have musical talent

Make music both a social and a learning environment. Music is learnt better this way because it makes people want to practice. e.g. allow younger students during music in smaller groups but still provide a deadline for performances as this still motivates them.

Joshua Tapley

Science and Technology Captain I would like to encourage younger students to participate in STEW club Introduce more practical and fun activities for Middle Years students. Most kids enjoy the hands-on aspect of science and exploring things concepts and ideas through observation. Try and get them to learn of each other through observation. Students ask the questions

Witton Liang

Science Captain I would like to promote science subjects within the school. Increase practical activities that correlate to different year levels in science.

Henry Ameer

Health and PE Captain As the inaugural captain for Health and PE, I hope to learn from my mistakes and better myself individually. I also hope to build a pathway for the following Health and PE captains to ensure they are successful in their endeavours. I will access and require the help of the staff, students and rest of the Student Representative Council, much like they will require my help.

Nicholas Stackpole

Drama Captain I would like to bring new interest and life to the performing arts learning area so that it thrives in the future. I would like to get more students to participate in performing arts and to bring more awareness to my area.