Leading Learning – Student Perspectives

Last week I had an amazing experience discussing learning at Whitefriars with our College Academic Captains. In sharing a meal, dialogue flowed as to how our student leaders see their place in the College in leading and developing a learning culture for students in Years 7 to 12. We are blessed to have such wonderful and articulate men in our community who are passionate about learning, their subjects, and serving others.

Mr Murphy, Mr Lafferty, Mr Collins, Mr Clifford and I were all buoyed by the hope, optimism and enthusiasm of each of our student leaders.

Each leader spoke eloquently about their understanding of the Academic Captain role – to be a role model for all students, promote the academic learning area, encourage students to achieve their best, and to have discussions with boys to open their mind to the different opportunities and pathways. At the same time, they also articulated the notion that they too had to progress themselves with their academic pursuits.

Collectively, the boys spoke of how they were each going to promote global leadership, intercultural understanding and learning. Each captain spoke of the myriad of activities, learning area weeks, clubs, performances, and competitions that they are involved in leading across the College. Likewise, they too understand the importance of their role at Open Day, Activities Week, Orientation Day and morning tours as a vehicle to promote their learning area.

Upon asking the leaders what messages will you provide the students, staff and parents in 2020 they replied:

  • Do your best
  • Be willing to make mistakes
  • Find a passion or pathway
  • Be involved in the community opportunities to extend learning
  • Participate in a variety of activities
  • Empower others to be their best in their learning

They encourage all students to access the Library or Academic Study Centre after school, help peers with their learning, be confident to participate in class, be happy, be optimistic about learning, and be ‘gentle’ men to others.

As we know, learning is holistic. Our students are promoting for all students to achieve their best in the spiritual, academic, social, physical and emotional learning opportunities that take at Whitefriars.


I congratulate our Academic Captains for 2020 and wish them well in their studies and in serving others in our community:

Art Captain Andrea Sticca
Chess Captain Jayden Bardrick
Drama Captain Kane Wallace, Nathan Mariniello
Debating Captain Jake Passeri
Mathematics Captain Daniel Peek
Music Captain Joseph Chim, Tom Wharton
Ensembles Captain Anthony Brand
English Captain Tom Fazackerley
Tech Production Captain Shaun Hackett
Science & Technologies Captains Daniel Borg, Ben Clark
Humanities Captain James Key
Languages Captain James Currow
Commerce Captain Nicholas Alonso

Mr Mark Ashmore

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching