Languages International Soccer Cup

Last Friday, the second Whitefriars International Soccer Cup was held. We saw three countries compete against each other, China vs Indonesia vs Italy. It was another win to Italy, congratulations to all students of team Italy. There was much excitement and cheering for each country. We thank Mr Peter Ciardulli for refereeing the matches. I would also like to thank Mr Josh Chia for setting up the soccer field for us after Session 4 so we could start our matches promptly. You both made the occasion run smoothly for us, Grazie Mille! Thank you to our Language Assistant, Federico and Miss Olivia Zagari for their help with getting the teams ready.

Ms Paula Barca

Learning Leader – Languages


Here are few reflections of the day:

The excitement for Friday was extreme the moment I saw the email seeing I was going to be playing with some Year 8,9 and 10s against some of my mates. When Friday came, we watched the first game to see who we will be up against. I was a little nervous because I didn’t want to mess up in front of a big crowd. We had time to organise positions, I was happy I got to play left winger. After a couple minutes I eased into it, and I wasn’t nervous anymore. After a convincing win I was ready for the final. The joy when I scored the first goal was great. When I scored again it was called offside, but it didn’t matter because we won. Overall, the experience was great.

Jarvis McNestrie 7


Playing in the Languages Cup was a fun and eventful time. Even if we didn’t win, I still would’ve had a blast. I was playing right back for the Italian squad and got the ball not a lot compared to my teammates, but a lot by my standards. Overall, I had quite a lot of fun playing soccer again and I’ll take every opportunity I can to join next year.

Marko Koukourikis 9S


The second Languages Soccer Cup that I have participated in did not let me or my expectations down. The atmosphere, the chants, the students calling out on the sidelines, it was incredible. In true Italian fashion, we dominated the competition, beating China 2-0 and Indonesia 1-0 respectively. It was a great experience and worth the canteen voucher.

Nicholas Raffi 8L