Kickstart for Middle Years Student Leadership

On 3rd March, the Middle Years Captains accompanied by Mrs Hoinville, went to Marcelin College to attend a Leadership Development Day.

We had opportunities to meet and work with male and female students from other schools such as Sion, Santa Maria, Marcellin, Xavier, Parade and Emmaus.

We started the day off getting into groups that consisted of students from the different Colleges. We introduced ourselves through a series of ice breaker activities. These consisted of questions like “if you could have dinner with 3 different people who they would be?”, “if you could be one person for a day who it would be” and “who is your role model?”.

As the day went on, we were able to work and collaborate with the other students. We got to know the others better through a school tour and throughout our free time. Later, everyone worked in groups to identify what it means to be a leader and what qualities you want to be viewed as having as a leader.

Hearing from different student’s perspectives helped us develop our own leadership, adding to our ideas and goals for 2021. We were told messages of what a leader is. It’s not about the badge, it is about what they do that really counts.  A leader is someone who works to do the right thing, not lay back because they have the badge. It was really emphasised about badges on the day, and how you don’t need one to be a leader in your community.

To finish off the presentation we were provided an opportunity to plan out our goals for 2021. As a team, we planned out what we are doing tomorrow, next week, next month and next term. This session helped us get the ball rolling with some of our ideas. It was a fantastic way for us to set ourselves up for the year and keep ourselves on track.

In our Action Plan, we started with what we wanted to do tomorrow; to have a meeting to work out the logistics of our ideas. We then planned for what we wanted to achieve a week from now, then in a months’ time the event would be held. We also decided to plan a review of the event for next term to see what we could have done better and improve for next time.

Overall, this was a fantastic day and it helped us to not only get on track, but to also see what some of the other schools were doing, prompting us with some new ideas of our own.

Thanks to Marcellin for hosting such an amazing event, we hope there will be another one throughout the year.


Written by

Maximillion Ceppi – Middle Years Captain

Jack Apostolopoulos – Middle Years Vice Captain

James Hammerton – Middle Years Vice Captain