Kane Lambert presents to Year 9 and 10

“I am happy to help any young athlete, who is happy to help themselvesâ€.

This was the response from two-time premiership star, Kane Lambert, when he was asked to work with our Year 9 and 10 Sport students during Term 2.

Over the past three weeks, Kane has been working with the students on athlete wellbeing and gratitude. His message is simple, be grateful for what you have got and ensure that you know – your actions define you. He is a strong advocate for full-time athletes focussing on developing their off-field skill-set whilst they are playing, with an emphasis on having something in their life outside of sport such as work, study and/or community involvement.

Here is a snippet of what a few Year 9 students had to say after their session with Kane this week.

Kane will continue to work with the boys right up into the end of term 2.


Well done to the Associated Catholic Colleges for getting ISO challenges up and running – in a time when we are all missing our Term 2 sport. If you haven’t checked out the latest results (or entered), please click on any of the links below.

Remember to be as active as you can Gents.


Mr Kristan Height

Coordinator – Sport