Italian Fun Facts

In Italian, I like to take the attendance roll with each student providing a fun fact about Italy. It may be a question they are curious about or simply a Google search of Italian fun facts. By the end of taking the attendance, all students have learned 22 new facts about Italy that they did not know before. Students are very much engaged in this activity and look forward to starting the lesson with fun facts.


Year 8 Italian fun facts:

James Fennell

What is the oldest school in Italy?

Italy is home to the world’s oldest university, the University of Bologna founded in 1088.

Also, tomatoes came in as a result of the Columbian Exchange and that was not until the 1540s.


Daniel Henderson

The tallest Italian person is 7 ft 6.


Oliver Marelas

The thermometer was made in Italy.


Year 7 Italian Fun Facts

Will Taylor

Is healthcare free in Italy?



Josh Shepherd

What is the most famous restaurant in Italy?

Club del Doge Restaurant (Venice)


Mitch Perera

Eyeglasses are an Italian invention

The average Italian is 41 years old.

Italy imports over 75% of its energy.


Noah Mendes

What is the National Flower of Italy ?



James Cleary

How much of Italy is grass land?


How many school are there in Italy?

17,000 schools

What is the most common name in Italy?


How much money does Italy have?

2.7 trillion

What is Italy’s biggest holiday?


What is the most famous tourist attraction in Italy?

The Colosseum


Ms Paula Barca

Learning Leader – Languages