It’s not all bad!

Now I don’t know about you, but many of us are struggling with the demands of home learning, working, restrictions and the uncertainty around when this will all end. A colleague said to me, and I quote “I didn’t cry today, so it’s a good day!†Everyone is exhausted and it can at times be trying, but during this, there are moments of laughter, joy, togetherness and a sense of accomplishment. Whitefriars produces the In Fide is to share with families the great learning and activities taking place at the College but as this is not possible at the moment we would like you to share with us.

Please send photos through with a caption explaining the image. Please be mindful when taking the photograph to ensure that the they are appropriate in terms of clothing, hair styles, facial hair, backgrounds etc.  If the photographs include family members not at Whitefriars, please ensure you have permission to share this with the College and our social media pages. Please email photographs at any time to

What do we want to see?

Anything, that you think will make someone smile:

  • A new skill/hobby
  • Family time
  • Fitness
  • Study
  • Siblings/family members helping each other


Check out Year 7 Lachie on the water glasses here! 


I look forward to receiving images from mums, dads and students.


Mrs Natasha Alexander

Director of Development and Enrolment