International Women’s Day

Friday 8 March was International Women’s Day. The theme of the day was Balance for Better. Whitefriars students hosted a lunch for all female staff to mark this special occasion. It was an opportunity for the College to acknowledge the special role women play in our school and the importance for our boys to realise that gender equality is a critical issue around the world. Social Justice Captain, Joel Duggan addressed the gathering and below is an excerpt from his speech:

We are gathered here today for an important purpose. In an environment dominated such as it is by men and masculine attitudes, it is quite rare that we collectively reflect on women and what they contribute to our community. Whether it be as teachers, as canteen workers, as support staff, as receptionists, as administrators, or any other of the numerous roles that they play, each is a vital cog in the Whitefriars machine. Hence why it is so apt and so necessary that we dedicate some time each year – on International Women’s Day – to acknowledge this simple, yet often overlooked, fact.

At this lunch, students served food to the female staff members as a symbol of their appreciation of all the work they do for them at the College. Thank you to Joel Duggan, Jonathan Bingley and Matthew Tapley for their work in bringing students together in an act of service and appreciation.

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