IWD@Our Lady of Sion College

On Friday 5 March, Vice Captains Alex and Baxter, Ministry & Social Justice Captain Peter and myself, were invited to join Our Lady of Sion College for their celebration of International Women’s Day. This was a such a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the partnership between our two schools and enrich our appreciation and respect for all the women in our lives.

We started the day by distributing awareness-ribbons with the Sion senior student leaders. Following this, we gathered in small groups with various staff and student leaders in a ‘conversation cafe’. We discussed a range of prompts, focussing on identifying gender stereotypes, the issue of consent and equality in relationships. These prompts fostered thought-provoking, robust conversations that inspired action around improving gender equality, our connection with Sion and provided ways forward to address gender issues in our schools, local community and in wider society.

These conversations were insightful, informing us on many of the issue’s women face in school, the workplace, in society. They also provided us the opportunity to share our own hopes and questions and how we can strive to overcome them. The captains and I were deeply appreciative of the staff and students of Sion for their hospitality and openness. In the future we look to broaden our conversations on gender equity, and continue to hope to foster these important issues among our peers.


Charlie Schroder

College Captain