International Games Day

International Games Day was celebrated in the Library at lunchtime on Wednesday 6 November. Whitefriars students were part of a global community of libraries that celebrated the social and educational benefits of games.

There was fierce competition in the Connect 4 Tournament, with more than 30 boys battling it out to be tournament champion. In the end, Abraham Arnaud (Year 8) was the victor, with Matt Wallace (Year 8) the runner up!

Many other exciting games also took place throughout the library, with boys trying out new games and teaching others how to play. Marc Cordeiro (Year 9) volunteered to teach ‘Sequence’ and Matt Deane (Year 7), Aidan Finlay (Year 8) and Joseph Li-Sculli (Year 8) were the winners drawn from 30 entries in the ‘Try a new game’ competition.

Prizes for sportsmanship or appreciation were awarded to the following students: Anthony Moule (Year 8), Marc Cordeiro (Year 9), Andrew Fennell (Year 10), Daniel Brand (Year 8), Eric Rechichi (Year 7), Sam Wensor (Year 8), Henry Howden (Year 7) and Lucas Crema (Year 8).

However, staff would like to congratulate each and every boy who participated for their enthusiasm and generosity of spirit.

The new games have been added to the collection and it is wonderful to see them being used at recess and lunchtime. It looks as though ‘Rubik’s Race’ may be the next game for a tournament-style event, so keep practising everyone!

The Library Team


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