International Compost Awareness Week

ICAW is a worldwide event for people to gain knowledge and confidence to create composts and alternatives (worm farms, bokashi bins and solar cones bins). Whitefriars College is proactive in recycling our green waste (food scraps and garden waste) and brown waste (paper, leaves and sawdust) to create compost that is then used on the garden beds. The College has three compost bins, one solar bin and a new worm farm.  All students and staff are encouraged to use the green waste bins to reduce their carbon footprint, greenhouse gases and landfill.

Roger Luo, the 2021 Environment Captain, presented a worm farm workshop to the students. The group built the worm farm while Roger explained the different layers of a worm farm and the products it creates that is good for the garden. Ms Menzies brought in some “worm wee” from home for the boys to take away. The new worm farm is located next to the compost bins outside the food tech room. Our 500 new worms will be nourished from the food tech kitchen scraps.

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Maria Ciavarella, the College Food Technology Assistant and My Green Garden founder, presented to staff and parents an online workshop “Compost and alternatives” on Wednesday night.  The presentation included the many benefits to composting, pros and cons of the different types including traditional composting, worm farming, bokashi bins and solar cone composting and troubleshooting. A recording of the workshop will be available on the College Click View.