Intermediate VCAL incursions

“Applied Learning†where the learning takes place outside the confines of the traditional classroom setting is at the forefront of our aims for our VCAL program at Whitefriars College. Recent incursions where our Intermediate VCAL students participated in both Barista and Food Handling Courses are two of the examples of this ‘hands on learning’ approach.

Students were tasked with a combination of VCAL numeracy and work-related skills activities across these practical learning sessions. Participation in the Food Handling and Barista courses provided a structured practical environment where they learnt both the theory behind hygienic food production and handling practices and then had the opportunity to put those skills into action. The challenge is there to our students to bring both their food handling and coffee making skills back home and for some this may well be a stepping stone to employment of some kind in the hospitality industry in the near or distant future.


Ms Stephanie Dekazos and Mr Peter Rennie

Intermediate VCAL Teacher