Intermediate VCAL Antrick Course

The Intermediate VCAL group have been completing the Certificate II in Health Support Services since the beginning of Term 2. While learning strictly online had its ups and downs, the boys can all confidently say that they have successfully covered all aspects of the course. On three days during October, the Antrick provider, Dimity, was finally able to attend school and begin the hands-on sessions. This allowed the boys to practically learn infection control, manual handling of patients and providing first aid. They all got to partake in a range of applied activities, everything from how to effectively wash their hands, put on the correct clothes to stay free from germs, how to care for fallen elderly people, checking their own blood sugars, and much more.

This information and knowledge were not only interesting, but will also prove useful in their present, and future day-to-day life. Thank you to Dimity from Antrick for her easy-to-understand lessons both on, and offline. Thanks also to the Mr Rennie and Ms Haddrell in particular who have kept everyone on track and motivated, especially during the home learning program.

On behalf of the Year 11 VCAL Class, we would like to give a great big thank you for educating us with this course, and may we all hope we never have to use it!


Written by Intermediate VCAL students Christian Maaraoui and Darcy Fenech