Year 8 illumunate NextGen Challenge

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Over 5 days, Year 8 students have been engaged in the illuminate NextGen Challenge. The illuminate Challenge is an exciting and immersive experience for students which aims to activate the next generation of confident, creative and capable young entrepreneurs.  The focus for the Challenge is to develop a tourism solution/business case model that draws visitors to Melbourne out to experience aspects of regional Victoria.  Students have really stepped up to the Challenge, learning valuable skills to prepare them for the future. Despite the large workload and tight deadlines, students took control of their learning.

The challenge focuses on 4 groupings of skills:
Communicate which takes into account speaking, writing and presentation skills,

Understand which takes into account critical thinking, inquiry, digital & financial literacy,

Solve Problems which takes into account creativity, problem solving and reflection,

Work Smart which takes into account collaboration, organisation & perseverance.

The Challenge concluded with a Demonstration Hall Parent Expo, where students were able to showcase their work to parents, families, friends and teachers. It was wonderful to have so many people together sharing in their accomplishments. Well done to all groups who worked so well throughout the Challenge and a big thank you to parents for braving the cold weather conditions to attend the Parent Expo.

A big thank you also to Illuminate Education, Deakin University and Chartered Accountants Australia.

Written by Trent Collins, Director – Middle Years

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