I love my library because…

The Shortis library staff love to invite the Whitefriars Community to participate in special events and days, and “Library Lovers Day” on February 14 was a fun-filled, vibrant start to 2023! The Australian Library and Information Association asks, “Has your library enriched your life in big or small ways?” “Is your world a better place because of your library?” Whitefriars students responded saying “I love my library because…” “It has lots of clubs,” “There is a book for everyone,” “It is my favourite place to relax and enjoy my time at school,” “I can read books and play games with my friends,” and more.  These thoughtful messages filled our glass wall display! Selected spots came with a book prize of choice!  Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate the day @Shortis Library.


Clare Vella, Teacher Librarian and Nickki Mackey, Librarian

Shortis Library