2021 House Cross Country

In the final weeks of Term 1, student’s took part in the annual House Cross Country carnival. I was blown away by the participation and effort by all the boys that raced, having a go, and putting in their all. Despite a wet, slippery and muddy 3km course around the school and down to the Mullum Mullum, it was the roaring cheers and support from every participant that, motivated each other to cross the finish line.

I would like to congratulate the amazing efforts of the place getters for each year level.

Year 7:

1st Jamie Alder (Corsini) 12:23

2nd Kaiden Ramirez (Trinity) 12:48

3rd Zac Antonellos (Mantua) 12:54

Year 8:

1st Cameron Ellis (Trinity) 11:17

2nd Sam Feng (Avila) 11:25

3rd Seth O’Malley (Stein) 12:27


Year 9:

1st Luke Wilson (Trinity) 11:56

2nd James Hammerton (Trinity) 11:59

3rd Joel Imbriano (Soreth) 12:10


Year 10:

1st Tariku Natschev (Brandsma) 11:08

2nd Anthony Moule (Avila) 11:29

3rd Tobias Kilkenny (Stein) 11:47

Year 11:

1st Callum White (Corsini) 10:41

2nd Noah Wright (Brandsma) 11:26

3rd Ryan Dickensen (Mantua) 11:43


Year 12:

1st Jack Hartnett (Soreth) 11:10

2nd Lachie Parrott (Trinity) 11:18

3rd Angus Bunker-Smith (Corsini) 11:21


A huge special mention to Year 7 Trinity boys who got down and around the senior race on Wednesday and cheered the older boys on, regardless of the wet cold weather. Also, a huge thank you to all the staff and teachers helped around the day to guide the boys along the course.

Since missing the Cross-Country Season last year I am encouraging anyone to come down to morning trainings next, to further enhance and improve your running at fitness.

It is with Great pleasure that I announce the winners of the 2021 House Cross Country Championship to the house of AVILA.

Well done to Mr Stafford and the Avila boys who were very consistent across all year levels.

Jonas Morrison, Cross Country Captain 2021