2021 House Athletics carnival

With the five day lockdown, the annual House Athletics carnival was in jeopardy! But luckily (and good job Victoria!), we were given the all clear. It was great to see all the teacher and students participating throughout the day making sure everything ran smoothly and the great sportsmanship amongst the students. Despite social distancing, the cheers of each house was still heard throughout the day.


The fastest friars race finished off a fantastic day! With students from Years 9-12 participating in the main event, it was Trent Seegets from Corsini edging out the win with a time of 11.57. Brothers, Lachie and Matt Parrott, took out second and third with a time of 11.70 and 11.71. Big congratulations to those who qualified as well.




Matt Parrott also broke the Whitefriars record in the long jump, 200m and 400m for the U/16 age group.

Angus Taig (Year 10, Videographer) and Oscar Trajcevski (Year 10, Editor) created some spectacular drone footage of the day.



In the end, Soreth was the dominant winner leading by over 100 points.

  • Soreth 2,782.1
  • Trinity 2,673.6
  • Stein 2,669.1
  • Avila 2,658.4
  • Brandsma 2,574.4
  • Corsini 2,539.2
  • Lisieux 2,464.9
  • Mantua 2,460.5

A big congratulations to Soreth, captained by Matt Leeson and Ben Duffy who are now the winners of the House Athletics carnival for 2 years running.

Lastly good luck to those competing in the ACC Athletics on the 25th, long awaiting since missing the ACC Aths last year.

From Ethan Wu, Trent Seegets, Vice Athletics Captains