Health, PE and Environment Week

To celebrate Health, PE and Environment Week from 31 August to 4 September, the PE Learning Area joined with the Sustainability and Environment Team to design an action packed engaging five-day program for the whole College community.

WFC@Home Olympics embraced the Olympic spirit of the postponed Tokyo Games to encourage everyone to get moving and be sustainable. Students and staff have enjoyed a variety of activities across the week.

Starting on Move it Monday students were encouraged to move with two awesome sessions on offer. Students, staff and their children, took part in a Live Basketball Skills Session with expert basketballer Joe Mutimer (class of 2019) and a Live Personal Training Session with Byron Koester (Immortal Fitness). A week-long competition to find the best Strava artist was also announced.

Tasty Tuesday provided students the chance to explore their sustainable food side to create a vegetarian meal, whilst Wellbeing Wednesday allowed students to take some time out and be mindful. Ben Horsnaill of Year 12 Trinity showed us how with a fantastic video on Forest Bathing.

Watch the videos here:

Ben’s Forest Bathing

Year 11 PE students also incorporated these activities as part of their practical work in a unit an Activity Planning.

Wednesday also offered staff an opportunity to do some Self Care with Carly from Diamond Valley Myotherapy and Exercise to work on their posture and release some tight neck muscles.

Technique Thursday allowed students to work on refining any number of sporting skills, which was also incorporated into the Jnr Sport Program. Students and staff were also able to fine tune their motivational skills with a 30 sec motivational Rev Up.

Finally Fun Friday provided excitement with Mr Murphy and School Captain Alex Dunmill attempting to beat the Guinness World record for most peas eaten with a toothpick in 30 seconds, challenging staff and students to do the same. Students also took part in the Famous Sporting faces competition.


Results of the week are as follows:

Strava Art – Weeklong Activity

1st Place ($20 Rebel voucher) by Jacob Tymms (Year 8): Fish biting a Fisherman

2nd Place ($10 Canteen Voucher) by James Cleary (Year 7): James

3rd Place ($5 Canteen Voucher) by Harry Beagley (Year 10): Radar Speed Gun



Elian Deeb (Year 7): COVID-19

Riley Jones (Year 7): A guy wearing a Russian hat

Riley Di Conza (Year 7): Elephant

Jacob Tymms (Year 8): Surfing dude, Woolly Mammoth, Karate Kid

Ned Hargreaves (Year 10): The Stingray

James Williams (Year 10): The Slide

Harry Apostolopoulos (Year 10): Dodgem Car

Angus Bunker Smith (Year 11): Flying Bird


Move It Monday Photography Competition

Gold ($50 JB Hi-Fi voucher) by Xavier Barker (Year 12): Bamboo Forest

Silver ($30 JB Hi-Fi voucher) by Jordy Walton (Year 9): Mansfield

Bronze ($20 JB Hi-Fi voucher) by Jett McIntyre (Year 9): Jonquil



Hayden Guest (Year 11): Prodigious Sunset


Roger Luo (Year 11): Squiddly Boy

Fynn Jones (Year 11): Arapiles Gold

Harry Apostoulos (Year 10): Hanging with the Buds

Xavier Barker (Year 12): Taronga zoo tiger


Tasty Tuesday Vegetarian MasterChef Winners

Gold ($20 Rebel voucher and vegetarian cookbook) – Elian Deeb (Year 7)


Wellbeing Wednesday Photo Winners

Gold ($20 Rebel voucher) – Lochie Reidy (Year 10)

Silver ($10 Canteen voucher) – Jacob Klos (Year 11)

Bronze ($5 Canteen voucher) – Will Maxwell – Evans (Year 11)


Technique Thursday Recycled Art Competition

Gold ($20 Rebel voucher) – Haywood Chen (Year 8): Camera

Silver ($10 Canteen voucher) – Phil Deane (Year 8): Cockatoo Sculpture

Bronze ($5 Canteen voucher) – Toby Dabelstein (Year 7): Toilet Roll Monster & Luke Hall (Year 8): WW11 Corsair


Famous Faces Quiz

Gold ($20 Rebel voucher) Zoravar Deo (Year 10)

Silver ($10 canteen voucher) David Bell (Staff)

Bronze ($5 canteen voucher) Evan Smeed (Staff)


Pea Eating

Gold ($20 Rebel voucher) Pat O’Shannasy (Year 8) – 29 Peas



Alex Dunmill – 26 peas

Mark Murphy – 20 peas


The Health and PE team thank all students and staff for their involvement in the very first “Remote Health Pe and Enviro Weekâ€.


Mrs Katherine Smith

Learning Leader – Health and Physical Education